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2017 Lunch Program
Lunches are ordered the day BEFORE the student will have lunch.  For Example:  If your child will be eating lunch on TUESDAY - they will need to tell their homeroom teacher on MONDAY during attendance.  If having lunch on WEDNESDAY they must order on TUESDAY, etc.  

If your child is absent and will need lunch on the day they return to school PLEASE inform the office when calling in their absence.  

The students will need to know which choice they would like to order:

 choices:   1 - the main entree 
                  2 - the soup choice
       BOTH choices include the salad bar

EVERY Friday will be PIZZA DAY.  If your child wishes to have pizza- they will need to order it on THURSDAY with their homeroom teacher during morning attendance.  If they are ordering an extra slice they will need to order it at the same time.  Extra slices will be an additional $1.50 and the student must have the amount to cover the cost on their account.  The extra slices are NOT included in the free and reduced plan.  

Lunch payments are taken in the school office.  Other payment options as well as checking your child's balance should be available soon.  More information will be provided as those updates are made. 

Breakfast is also available starting at 8:10am in the Cafeteria.  It will include a fruit, a dairy, and a grain.  

Lunch Prices for 2017/2018                                 Breakfast Prices for 2017/2018
           Reduced:  $0.40                                                 Reduced $0.30
            Student: $3.00                                                    Student  $1.75
            Adult:     $3.50                                                    Adult       $2.00
            Milk:       $0.45
Free and reduced-price lunches are availabe based on financial need.  Information about a student's participation is confidential.  An application for free and reduced lunches is available in the school office.

Although a charge limit of $10.00 is available to each student ordering Hot Lunch, we encourage maintaining a positive balance before ordering.  Some items such as a la carte items or extra pizza slices cannot be "charged".

Please call the office if you have any questions.  406/257-2301

Lunch Schedule
11:00 - Grades 3-4                    12:00 - Grades 5-6
11:10 - Kindergarten                 12:20 - Grades 7-8
11:25 - Grades 1-2