May Lunch Menu

All lunch balances must be paid by May 15.  Any lunch and milk orders must be paid for in advance after May 15.  Please check your students lunch account.

Want to be able to check your childs lunch account balance? 
                  Call Angel @257-2301 for a user name and password

Ordering and Pricing

We all work better when we have eaten a nutritious, well-balanced meal. At Helena Flats we will once again offer hot lunches. The prices for meals this year are:
  • Student hot lunch – $2.95
  • Adult hot lunch- $3.50
  • Milk – 40¢ (extra milks may be ordered with each meal: If you do not want your child ordering extra milk, please contact the office.)

ALL hot lunches must to be ordered by 9:00 A.M. Students who arrive after that time need to either call the school to order their meal, or bring a cold lunch. If your child signs up for hot lunch in the morning, you will be charged for that lunch even if they choose not to eat that meal. The only exception will be when a child goes home sick.

A charge limit of $10 will be available to each student charging hot lunches. When your account reaches the limit, you will be notified and your child will not be allowed to charge lunches until the balance is paid.

Lunch Schedule
11:00 - Grades 3-4
11:10 - Kindergarten
11:25 - Grades 1-2

12:00 - Grades 5-6
12:20 - Grades 7-8